MICE (Meeting, Incentive,Conference,Exibition)


Planning of meetings :Often posted in cramped cubicles, a popular placard sardonically jokes: “Meetings: the practical alternative to work.” But as far as event managers are concerned, a new definition is in order.

Simply stated, a meeting is a gathering of individuals to achieve a common aim. In business meetings, leaders use oral communication, audiovisual productions, group discussions and other methods to accomplish corporate strategies. Idyllically, meetings spawn practical programs and marketable tactics. Realistically, meetings can be monotonous, time-sucking marathons of corporate hash. An event manager must dispel these negative notions and stimulate professionalism and creativity.

The two premises behind meetings are teamwork and passion. Both give vitality and energy to a corporation. Without meetings, corporate vision is lost, and employees labor for a paycheck rather than a shared dream.


Event management of incentive travel events that motivate your employees and customers. Incentive travel is an event category that targets to motivate both key personnel and customers. Imagine sunning yourself on a beach in Jamaica or snow skiing in the Alps. Then imagine that your trip is completely free. Many companies use incentive travel as a marketing tool. These trips can range from a week in an exotic location to a weekend getaway in nearby resort. .

Most of the time all of the expenses are paid by the company including food, hotel, airfare (or in some cases a rental car)


Event management of press conferences. Find out how to organize press conferences. Your idea of hell: pandemonium at the press conference; jostling reporters chomping after frightened keynote speakers and suit-clad business executives. Do yourself a favor by properly planning a press conference; and keep both the journalists and the executives in their places, grinning and glad.

Sometimes, a simple press release or email cannot suffice. When a company burns with the need to unleash a fiery new idea, it calls a press conference. Due to the hectic schedules of reporters, press conferences usually last for 30-45 minutes.


Event management of trade fairs where companies can exhibit their latest products and services. Definition, “fairs:” cotton candy, funnel cakes, hotdogs, and roller coasters. Actually, not all fairs possess such frivolity and festivity; trade and career fairs are decidedly less entertaining, albeit more useful. Headed by a knowledgeable event manager, a trade or career fair is a special opportunity through which buyers and sellers can meet.

Trade fairs are occasions in which corporations of a certain industry gather to display their latest products and innovations. Career fairs, a close cousin, occur when companies conglomerate to solicit potential employees. In today’s competitive economy, both events are essential. Trade fairs are engaging, living advertisements, while career fairs are necessary to recruit college graduates and other superior employees from the rank-and-file lines of unemployment.

“Exibition:” a place for a buyer and seller to meet. A place for an event manager to smile and say, “success.”