Party Planner & Destination Management

Party Planner

For the party planner, hosting the gala will often mean taking on the event from start to finish, including everything from securing the venue to overseeing the event itself. The party planner will secure a venue if one hasn't been chosen. The party planner will also oversee the creative department, production team, and staffing for the event, apart from the catering or banquet staff.

If the client has started this gala as an annual event, the planner needs to follow the guidelines put in place from the previous year's event, such as the budget, the venue, and the theme.

Destination Management

A DMC provides a ground service based on local knowledge of their given destinations. These services can be transportation, hotel accommodation, restaurants, activities, excursions, conference venues, themed events, gala dinners and logistics, meetings, incentive schemes as well as helping with overcoming language barriers.